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Leveraging Technology to Change Our Health Behaviors


Dr. Tom Achoki, Senior Director of Strategy and Impact, AB InBev Foundation
Catalina Garcia, Global Director of Corporate Affairs, AB InBev
John Schellhase, Director, Center for Strategic Philanthropy, Milken Institute
Sam Stephens, Executive Director, President & CEO, AB InBev Foundation; Advisor, Concordia


with lead programming partner

abinbev 768x432 - Leveraging Technology to Change Our Health Behaviors

“We believe strongly in the need for more partnerships and collaboration.”  

– Sam Stephens

“We see the power of digital in bridging health inequalities.” 

– Tom Achoki

“We are leading the way, using the core strengths of our business and investing in evidence-based initiatives to promote ‘smart drinking.’” 

– Catalina Garcia

“This panel was about partnerships and a strategy that is informed by evidence-based research and the unique role of philanthropy to address complex challenges.”

– John Schellhase

Key takeaways & next steps:

  • AB InBev Foundation’s “smart drinking” program focuses on making every experience with beer a positive one. It encourages consumers to make informed and responsible choices regarding alcohol consumption through the use of evidence-based methodologies. 
  • Collaboration and partnership are important to address complex global challenges. By working together, corporations, foundations, and other stakeholders can combine their strengths to achieve greater impact. 
  • It is vital to build a “community of practice” that brings together people and leaders from various organizations, including AB InBev Foundation and public health experts. This collaborative approach ensures the delivery of evidence-based solutions.