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A Conversation with H.E. Santiago Peña, President of the Republic of Paraguay


Nicholas Logothetis, Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board, Concordia
H.E. Santiago Peña, President, Republic of Paraguay

“Concordia was started 13 years ago to help governments, businesses, and nonprofits be more efficient in their interactions.”

– Nicholas Logothetis

“We are a young democracy. We know the value of democracy, of free speech, of free rights—these are the things we want to advocate for.” 

– Santiago Peña

Key takeaways & next steps:

  • In order to draw foreign investment, a nation must prioritize the strengthening of its economic fundamentals. Paraguay stands out with its independent Central Bank, robust macroeconomic strategies, a favorable debt-to-GDP ratio, and the imminent prospect of achieving an investment-grade status. These strong underpinnings serve as the driving force behind its sustained economic growth and long-term expansion. 
  • The resources generated through economic growth enable a country to invest in its key priorities. In the case of Paraguay, this has translated into increased funding for enhancing human capital, healthcare, and education. 
  • The clean energy sector in Paraguay represents a significant source of opportunity. Beyond meeting its own energy needs, the country is well-positioned to supply clean energy to neighboring nations in the region. Paraguay’s wealth of natural resources has placed it at the forefront of Latin America’s clean energy production and distribution efforts, allowing it to assume a leadership role. 
  • For the past 66 years, Paraguay has maintained a diplomatic relationship with Taiwan. This decision reflects the kind of international relationships that Paraguay wishes to cultivate.