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A Conversation with H.E. Guillermo Lasso, President of the Republic of Ecuador


Céline Cousteau, Filmmaker, Author, Speaker
H.E. Guillermo Lasso, President, Republic of Ecuador

“The indigenous population protects biodiversity worldwide—we are the warriors of this rainforest that we all have.” 

– Céline Cousteau

“To achieve peace to begin with, we need to advance together.” 

– H.E. Guillermo Lasso

Key takeaways & next steps:

  • President Guillermo Lasso has emerged as an exceptional leader in environmental conservation and the protection of the rainforest. His dedication to these causes are highlighted in his administration’s efforts around the Galapagos. 
  • With support from the U.S., Ecuador was able to pursue a debt-for-climate swap that provides the country an opportunity to finance conservation actions sustainably. This program has been very successful and would not be possible without international cooperation. Any government can do this, it just requires political will. 
  • A relation between the indigenous population, the government, and the public sector, while delicate, is critical to achieve conservation and an understanding around environmental protections. Ecuador is concerned with employment, seeing as their main sectors are prone to climate change, therefore it’s imperative to generate new jobs with financing programs like the debt-for-climate swap. 
  • Through preservation and sustainability, growing economies can develop without the need for negative consequences. For example, the exploitation of resources is reduced via strategizing for long-term goals and prioritizing environmental conservation.