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Intro and Remarks: Governor Kathy Hochul, State of New York


T.H. Kathy Hochul, Governor, State of New York

“Plato once said if we are to have any hope for the future those who have lanterns must pass them onto others; my friends, you have the lanterns.” 

– T.H. Kathy Hochul 

Key takeaways & next steps:

  • Climate-related disasters take an emotional and psychological toll on individuals and communities. “Eco-anxiety” is a term to describe the increasing phenomenon of people who are increasingly anxious about the safety of their homes, air quality, and the wellbeing of their families due to the growing threat of environmental crises. 
  • Collective action is important at both state and national levels. 25 states have come together to collaborate to combat climate change, especially in the absence of comprehensive federal leadership. This cooperative approach is essential in addressing global environmental challenges. 
  • It is important to create job opportunities in the green energy sector. It is also important to ensure that these job opportunities are accessible to underserved communities, thereby addressing both economic and environmental disparities. This job creation is a crucial aspect of the transition to a sustainable economy. 
  • Taking action today to address climate change is not only a matter of immediate necessity but also a moral obligation to ensure a better future for subsequent generations.