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Innovative Approaches to Promote Gender Equity in Society


Fatima Goss Graves, President and CEO, National Women’s Law Center
T.H. Maria Torres-Springer, Deputy Mayor for Housing, Economic Development & Workforce, NYC Office Of The Mayor
T.H. Anne Williams-Isom, Deputy Mayor, NYC Office Of The Mayor
T.H. Sheena Wright, First Deputy Mayor, NYC Office Of The Mayor


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city of new york - Innovative Approaches to Promote Gender Equity in Society


“We are at a time when poverty has increased around the country for the first time in several years, there is a gender pay gap that is stagnant and acute for black and latino women in particular, and we are seeing rates of gender-based violence soar”

– Fatima Goss Graves

“Black women are four times likely to die in a pregnancy related death. 62% of those deaths would have been preventable.”

– Anne Williams-Isom

“How do you tackle those issues in ways that are enduring? And for us, it means a few things. It means making women visible in the conversation.”

– Maria Torres-Springer

“We have a leadership in city government of overwhelmingly women leaders. And we’ve never had that in New York City. I’m the third first deputy mayor in the history of the city of New York to be a woman, the first Black first Deputy Mayor.”

– Sheena Wright

Key takeaways & next steps:

  • New York City’s leadership team includes a significant number of women, including its first Black First Deputy Mayor. This diverse leadership is actively involved in advancing efforts to promote gender equity within the city.
  • The city is taking proactive steps to address pay disparities, including the gender pay gap, which is particularly pronounced among Black and Latino women. These efforts are aimed at rectifying wage inequalities among the city’s 300,000 employees.
  • New York City has invested significantly in expanding access to affordable and high-quality childcare, with a particular focus on areas where sufficient childcare services are lacking. This investment is intended to provide support to working families and ensure that affordable childcare is accessible to everyone, which is seen as crucial for economic recovery.
  • Gender-based violence is seen as a multifaceted problem affecting public safety, racial equality, and economic justice. The city is taking action through policies, training, and awareness campaigns, recognizing its links to broader public health and safety concerns.