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Fortitude of the Feminine: Veteran Women in Psychedelics


Kristin “Rosie” Barnes, Naturopathic Doctor; Chief Medical Officer, No Fallen Heroes
Jesse Gould, Founder and President, Heroic Hearts Project
Natalie Lupiani, Vice President, Benenson Strategy Group
Juliana Mercer, Director, Veteran Advocacy & Public Relations, Healing Breakthrough


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“As a woman veteran in this space, my goal is to help create the infrastructure rather than try to fit into something that’s already been made with a very male-centric model.”

– Kristin Barnes

“These are not just substances that are more effective. These are substances that will really cause us to change our perspective on how we interact with each other, how we test, analyze, and utilize medication, drugs, and psychotherapy in the future.”

– Jesse Gould

“It took a lot of struggling through my civilian transition to realize that I needed help and to ask for that help. And you know I’m here today because I got that help.”

– Natalie Lupiani

“This psychedelic therapy is the big, huge light at the end of the tunnel for me and for many others that have been working on trying to find solutions for the veteran suicide epidemic.”

– Juliana Mercer

Key takeaways & next steps:

  • Psychedelic-assisted therapy is a breakthrough in mental health treatment, offering a promising alternative to traditional therapies and medications.
  • Female veterans often suffer in silence, and there’s a need for increased recognition and support for their mental health needs.
  • Bipartisan support for psychedelic-assisted therapy is growing on Capitol Hill, and there is an opportunity for federal policy changes to expand access to these therapies, particularly for veterans.
  • Support and contributions to organizations like Heroic Hearts Project, No Fallen Heroes Foundation, and Healing Breakthrough are actively working to provide psychedelic-assisted therapy to veterans and push for policy changes in this area.