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Europe’s Global Leadership


H.E. José Manuel Barroso, Former President, European Commission; Leadership Council Member, Concordia
H.E. Roberta Metsola, President, European Parliament

“Politics is not about ideologies, it’s about principles.” 

– H.E. Roberta Metsola

“Europe will be led by a great coalition of the willing.” 

– H.E. José Manuel Barroso 

Key takeaways & next steps:

  • Despite past uncertainties and challenges, Europe is moving forward in its efforts to unite politically, economically, and socially. The European Union has demonstrated incredible resilience and adaptability in the face of overlapping crises, which has contributed to a sense of shared purpose among member states. 
  • Successive crises, such as the pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, have driven European countries to realize the importance of working together at the European level to address common issues. This highlights the advantages of collective action over individual state responses. 
  • Europe has significantly reduced its dependence on Russian gas, a shift that was accelerated by the Ukraine crisis as the European Union responded to the conflict with a series of sanctions. These measures aim to exert pressure on Russia while also sending a signal of unity among European nations. It is imperative that Europe reduce its dependence on Russian gas as energy independence can enhance Europe’s sovereignty and security. 
  • The current concept of “strategic autonomy” is being redefined in Europe. Instead of a complete independence from allies, the emphasis is on collaborative efforts and partnerships, especially with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). 
  • Europe is one of the three primary global economic powers, alongside the U.S. and China. This economic clout positions Europe as a significant player in international trade, finance, and diplomacy. However, European officials must leverage this economic power effectively to protect European interests and promote global stability.
  • President Metsola called for the creation of a Critical Minerals Alliance in support of the green energy transition.