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Energy Security = National Security


Harold Hamm, Executive Chairman, Continental Resources
Dagen McDowell, Co-host, The Bottom Line, Fox Business Network
T.H. Kevin Stitt, Governor, State of Oklahoma

“You can’t depend on another country that might not be your friend and use your energy dependence as a weapon.” 

– Harold Hamm

“We all want a reliable, affordable energy grid, and that’s a national security issue.”

– T.H. Kevin Stitt

“Coal consumption is the highest it’s ever been in world history this year.”

– Dagen McDowell

Key takeaways & next steps:

  • Energy independence is important for national security, especially in light of global events like the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Being able to rely on domestic energy production is crucial for the U.S.
  • Natural gas is a critical component of the energy mix, providing reliable and affordable energy. The conversation stresses the need for an “all of the above” energy approach, which includes a mix of energy sources, such as oil, natural gas, renewables like wind and solar, and emerging technologies like hydrogen. 
  • The role of innovation and technological advancements, particularly horizontal drilling, have completely transformed the energy industry, allowing the U.S. to triple crude oil production and quadruple natural gas production. 
  • The potential for the U.S. to play a significant role in international energy trade, particularly in exporting liquefied natural gas (LNG) to other countries, is a way to meet global energy demands and promote peace.