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A Conversation with the T.H. Elaine Chao, 18th Secretary of Transportation, 24th U.S. Secretary of Labor


T.H. Elaine Chao, Former Secretary, 18th Secretary of Transportation, 24th Secretary of Labor, United States
Matthew Swift, Co-Founder & CEO, Concordia

“I’m an optimist in that I think if more people were educated on the contributions of Asian Pacific Americans, that our story is America’s story, that perhaps there will be more understanding and less of a view that somehow Asian Pacific Americans are foreigners. We are indeed Americans.”

–  T.H. Elaine Chao

Key takeaways & next steps:

  • The U.S. aviation infrastructure, particularly the air traffic control system, faces significant challenges due to outdated technology and bureaucratic processes. This has resulted in delays, congestion, and safety concerns in air travel.
  • It’s crucial to advocate for the separation of the air traffic control system from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to ultimately transform it into an independent entity to modernize and improve efficiency.
  • Advocate for the reauthorization of the FAA with reforms that could potentially lead to the independence of the air traffic control system.
  • Support the establishment of a National Asian Pacific American culture and history museum to promote awareness and understanding of the contributions of Asian Pacific Americans in the U.S.