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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: How Donorship and P3 Partnerships Can Make the World a Better Place


Dr. Cecilia Conrad, CEO, Lever for Change
T.H. Henrietta Fore, Chairman & CEO, Holsman International; Leadership Council Member, Concordia
Carla Thompson Payton, Vice President for Program Strategy, W.K. Kellogg Foundation

“What you’ve created is an ecosystem. That’s a very important asset.”

– T.H. Henrietta Fore

“We invite other philanthropies, other public-private partnerships to also invest in these communities, whether it be on racial equity, whether it be on education, whether it be on land rights.”

– Carla Thompson Payton

“What we’ve learned is that hardly any organization has ever been given the freedom to think big. Mostly they’re worried from year to year, who’s the next funder going to be for the next tranche of work? And that doesn’t allow for really thinking about how I can seriously move the needle on many problems that are out there.”

– Dr. Cecilia Conrad

Key takeaways & next steps:

  • Competitions and challenges effectively fund social change projects, fostering creativity, transparency, and securing substantial grants.
  • Collaborations among nonprofits, donors, and communities are vital for expanding social change. Engagement, operational support, and mentorship drive success.
  • Promote donor risk-taking in innovative social change projects. Create mechanisms and collaborations to boost donor confidence despite uncertainty.
  • Promote mentorship and partnerships between businesses and government to address societal issues, utilizing resources and tools from organizations like Concordia to enhance social impact.