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Building Trust in a Moment of Political Division


Johanna Maska, CEO, Global Situation Room
Morgan Ortagus, Founder, Polaris National Security; Senior Advisor, Concordia
Elizabeth Vargas, Anchor, NewsNation

“How do we move the country forward, come to a consensus on anything, when it seems like two sides and so many people can’t even agree on the basic facts of something?”

– Elizabeth Vargas

“I see our kids feeling this toxicity of our politics, of this moment, and the things that our leaders say matter. So when they say terrible things about one another, our kids are listening.”

– Johanna Maska

“Maybe we should stop talking about the personalities and let’s talk about the policies.”

– Morgan Ortagus

Key takeaways & next steps:

  • Political polarization is on the rise, leading to divisive discussions in Congress, on television, and across social media. Responsible leadership is crucial, and finding common ground on basic facts remains challenging.
  • Social media is a contributing factor to heightened political polarization, with concerns surrounding the spread of disinformation by bots and foreign actors.
  • Regulation to address the negative aspects of social media is necessary, but the primary emphasis should be on engaging in policy discussions and seeking solutions.
  • Prioritizing the emergence of a new generation of leaders is vital for fostering positive change in the political landscape.