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Technology Tackling Waste–A Conversation with Nate Morris

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Rubicon Logo Horizontal Teal Black - Technology Tackling Waste–A Conversation with Nate Morris

Nate Morris, Chairman & CEO, Rubicon Technologies; Concordia Leadership Council Member 
Andy Serwer, Editor-in-Chief, Verizon Media/Yahoo Finance

Rubicon Technologies, Nate Morris, Chairman & CEO, and Concordia Leadership Council Member, explained, is a digital waste and recycling marketplace. Most waste companies were built before the Internet and are plagued with old thinking. Rubicon allows small haulers and recyclers to win pieces of larger accounts through digitization. Andy Serwer, Editor-in-Chief of Verizon Media/Yahoo Finance, asked Morris how garbage is connected to climate change. Morris noted that much of what we send to recycle doesn’t actually get recycled. There is little incentive to extract value other than by landfilling.

Rubicon intends to change that paradigm, Morris explained, by taking an agnostic approach to repurposing. Garbage is universal and needs to be managed to avoid big environmental and health consequences. After Serwer asked how he got into the business of garbage, Morris explained that he saw an opportunity in a long-overlooked industry. It is hard to bet against digital transformation, even when dealing with the most humble of products.

Key takeaways & next steps:

  • Garbage is the environmental issue that gets little attention but makes a big difference. Every human society produces garbage and needs a way to manage it.
  • By transforming the industry through digital access, Rubicon Technologies helps small haulers, improves recycling rates, and drives a new mindset about what trash can do.

“We are bringing a digital model to one of the oldest challenges, arguably since the beginning of civilization, which is garbage.”


Nate Morris, Chairman & CEO, Rubicon Technologies and Concordia Leadership Council Member

“Garbage is connected to climate change, sustainability, [and] the health of our planet.”


Andy Serwer, Editor-in-Chief, Verizon Media/Yahoo Finance