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Remarks: Malisa Aksentijevic, CEO of WEVO Group

Malisa Aksentijevic, CEO, WEVO Group

The world is facing widespread mental health challenges, began Malisa Aksentijevic, CEO of WEVO Group. In his own life, a panic attack brought him to the realization that treating the problem is easier said than done. Finding appropriate treatment is increasingly difficult. As a mathematician and a chess champion, Aksentijevic decided to look for logical solutions, starting first with himself then more broadly.

Aksentijevic noted that mental health problems are pervasive. Up to one in four people suffer from anxiety or depression. The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated the problem and had a significant impact on the lives, education, and social interaction of children, who are now suffering from mental health issues. The suicide rate for U.S. veterans remains extremely high, with 15-20 vets dying from suicide every day. Aksentijevic’s solution, WEVO, is an artificial intelligence-based platform that provides real-time reports to professionals for care decisions, to uncover patterns of mental distress and expose changes in mental health.

Key takeaways & next steps:

  • Mental health challenges are widespread but finding appropriate treatment can be challenging.
  • WEVO aims to revolutionize the real-time information available to mental health professionals and providers.

“One problem is that there is not enough staff to meet demand. Another is a lack of high-quality information required for an effective approach and treatment.”


Malisa Aksentijevic, CEO, WEVO Group