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Remarks: Faatiha Aayat, Founder and CEO, CHIL&D

Faatiha Aayat, Founder & CEO, CHIL&D

At only 10 years old, Faatiha Aayat, Founder & CEO of CHIL&D, took the stage to demand that we approach global problems with ethics of, by, and for humanity. She recounted the stories of several of her peers: a young woman in Kashem, Bangladesh growing food through sandbar cropping, a child with cancer in Venezuela suffering from a shortage of medication, and a Rohingya child living in the largest refugee camp in the world. Aayat explained how we need to pursue equity and inclusion, using the examples of Google Classroom for some children’s education during the pandemic and the millions of girls who have to leave school monthly due to lack of available menstrual supplies. She ended by asking the audience to remember that pursuing an ethical future will create a better world for us all.

Key takeaways & next steps:

  • Centering ethics and humanity will help build a better life for children around the world.

“I demand the ethics of the humanity, by the humanity, and for the humanity.”


Faatiha Aayat, Founder & CEO, CHIL&D