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Inspiration Awaits – Keynote Address By George Logothetis, Chairman & CEO, Libra Group

George Logothetis, Chairman & CEO, Libra Group; Co-Chair, Concordia Leadership Council

Taking the stage, George Logothetis, Chairman & CEO of the Libra Group and Co-Chair of the Concordia Leadership Council, confessed that his last few years have been beset by a variety of health challenges that affected every aspect of his life. Every obstacle brought on more, he explained, but through this odyssey he realized that temporary regression is sometimes necessary in progression. He reminisced about the early days of Concordia and how the current iteration of employees are young, diverse, and engaged. Nothing of value is easy, Logothetis continued, and progress is often incremental. We must continue to draw from the past for perspective into today. Where we now have a surplus of information and a deficit of understanding, context can come from history. 

Logothetis then explored how modern communication can exacerbate the issue, pulling us further apart where we need to communicate more often and with more directness. As the world emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, he implored the audience to remember that other generations have faced pandemics and what seemed like existential problems, but they persevered. Time is only lost when it is wasted. Inspiration, like that engendered by the Concordia Summit speakers, can come from within or without, but it always awaits.  

Key takeaways & next steps:

  • Setbacks, even serious ones, are usually only temporary and are necessary to keep progressing.
  • We can draw from history to understand the present and find inspiration in all things. Every generation has had seemingly insurmountable obstacles but we continue to surmount and progress.

“Temporary regression is sometimes a necessary step in a more permanent progression.”


George Logothetis, Chairman & CEO, Libra Group; Co-Chair, Concordia Leadership Council