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In the Room: A Memoir into the Abraham Accords

Jared Kushner, CEO and Founder, Affinity Partners
Morgan Ortagus, Founder, Polaris National Security; Concordia Senior Advisor

Jared Kushner, CEO & Founder of Affinity Partners, and Morgan Ortagus, Founder of Polaris National Security and Concordia Senior Advisor, took the stage to discuss Kushner’s new book and his experiences in the Trump Administration. On the Abraham Accords, Kushner noted that a peace deal is immediately impactful on people’s lives. Peace is about the future and this agreement is yielding enduring changes that may eventually spell the beginning of the end of the Arab conflict. This is due in part to leaders who wanted to help their regions instead of use the people as scapegoats

Turning to Operation Warp Speed, Kushner explained that the Trump administration brought in experts and coordinated with private sector CEOs. He estimated that these efforts saved 20 million lives globally. He also criticized the media for not understanding that they were working differently and taking on more risk. Finally, on prison reform, Kushner said their efforts put mental health and addiction treatment into prisons.    

Key takeaways & next steps:

  • The Abraham Accords are a significant step toward changing the geopolitics of the Middle East. Leaders are working together to help their region and their people.
  • Coordination between the government and private sector helped accelerate the COVID-vaccine producing Operation Warp Speed.

“Peace is about the future and too often politicians focus on the past.”


Jared Kushner, CEO & Founder, Affinity Partners

“The Operation Warp Speed team had the impossible task of trying to get a COVID vaccine in record time.”


Morgan Ortagus, Founder, Polaris National Security; Concordia Senior Advisor