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A Conversation with David Malpass, President of The World Bank Group

David Malpass, President, The World Bank Group
Siri Scanlon, Partner, C3 Investment Group; Concordia Senior Advisor

With all the many challenges facing countries around the world, Siri Scanlon, Partner at C3 Investment Group, inquired about the World Bank’s priorities. For David Malpass, President of The World Bank Group, improving education and health is crucial, as is developing better structural and regulatory systems within countries. Scanlon noted that the pandemic resulted in follow-on effects that now need remedy. Malpass agreed, highlighting reversals in non-COVID vaccination rates and education.

Malpass also examined the unsustainable debt burden in developing countries, which he cited as a particularly worrying trend. Supply chains are not yet rebounding and there is not enough investment to raise productivity levels. Malpass noted also that world dynamics have changed in the face of Russia’s war and continuing signs from China. Food insecurity remains a major global issue, and Malpass implored the world to redouble its efforts to develop a more robust supply. Malpass ended the discussion with a story about an innovative approach in South Africa to encourage Black Rhino conservation efforts that led to increased herd sizes and profits for financial investors. 

Key takeaways & next steps:

  • Development priorities come from the countries themselves and investors need incentives in order to support these.
  • Unsustainable debt burdens pose a particular threat to developing countries. Higher interest rates and lower yield curves affect these nations more deeply.  
  • Nations with capacity should work to produce more food and energy in order to stabilize supply in lower-capacity nations.

“Development needs are specific to respective countries. The World Bank aims to achieve good outcomes in terms of living standards, including raising median incomes.”


David Malpass, President, The World Bank Group

“We might be in this situation where we face really adverse follow-on effects as a result of losing three years.”


Siri Scanlon, Partner, C3 Investment Group and Concordia Senior Advisor