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Flashpoint: Future Readiness Index Launch | Mainstage

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Bruno Lanvin, Co-Founder & Director, Portulans Institute

For emerging markets, the concurrent COVID-19 pandemic and economic downturn hit especially hard. Improved digitization could be the way to recover and re-emerge stronger than before. Bruno Lanvin from the Portulans Institute presented the report “Are You Ready for the Future?” and launched the Future Readiness Index that highlights the Google-developed Digital Sprinters framework. 

Digital Sprinters, as Lanvin explained, are those economies that can accelerate digitization to sprint ahead toward economic development and sustainable, inclusive growth. Digital transformation could add $3.4 trillion to emerging markets by 2030. The framework requires focus on four elements: Physical Capital, Human Capital, Technology, and Competitiveness. Lanvin also explored the key findings and continuing challenges for emerging economies as they transform into Digital Sprinters.

Now is the time for acceleration, and the Digital Sprinters will lead the way to a prosperous future.

Bruno Lanvin

Key takeaways & next steps:

  • Companies that prioritize digitization are better positioned to accelerate economic development and sustainable growth.
  • See the Future Readiness Index here.