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Energizing the Environmental Change Movement, featuring Adam Met | Mainstage

Adam Met, Executive Director, Sustainable Partners, Inc.; Musician, AJR

The climate crisis is no longer looming; it is here. But for some reason, addressing the crisis that affects everyone in the world has not captured the popular imagination in the way that it needs. What will it take to break through? Drawing on his experience in the music industry, Adam Met, Executive Director of Sustainable Partners, Inc. and musician with the band AJR, described the work he has done to include more storytelling into climate crisis advocacy. 

Met explained how research and advocacy can be more fully integrated to spur engagement and inspire action. Advocates can work to inspire excitement and emotion by partnering with musicians and other media storytellers to improve engagement. 

It really is all about the emotional connection and injecting excitement into this movement that we need to be rushing toward as fast as possible.

Adam Met

Key takeaways & next steps:

  • Although the climate crisis is the most serious challenge facing mankind, it has not captured the public imagination. Activists should take lessons from the creative arts and integrate a more compelling narrative into their storytelling.