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Ecuador’s Struggles and Successes in the Face of COVID-19 | Mainstage

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H.E. Guillermo Lasso Mendoza, President, Republic of Ecuador
Gustau Alegret, Journalist and TV Anchor, NTN24

Throughout Latin America, citizens yearn for better opportunities. President Guillermo Lasso Mendoza of the Republic of Ecuador understands the need to listen with the spirit of freedom, democracy, and respect for civil political liberties. President Mendoza stressed that one top priority for his administration is to work with the national assembly on job creation. Fewer than half of Ecuadoreans have a formal job; creating new opportunities will require a cross-cutting agenda and international investment.

Citing the issue of corruption, Gustau Alegret, Journalist and TV Anchor for NTN24, asked the president to address his plans to mitigate the issue and combat narco trafficking. President Mendoza cited Ecuador’s agreement with the United Nations to fight corruption and strengthen institutions and highlighted his work to reduce drug trafficking in several provinces. 

Moving to the topic of China, Alegret asked whether free trade agreements with China threatened Ecuador’s relationship with the U.S. President Mendoza reiterated his country’s commitment to the rights of workers and the importance of eco-friendly business. More trade, he explained, means more jobs in Ecuador and more jobs are the best way to fight poverty. President Mendoza also highlighted the influx of Venezuelean refugees as a continuing partner.

My objective, after vaccination, is to create jobs.

Guillermo Lasso Mendoza

Many governments in the past have tried many initiatives to try to deal with corruption and reduce the amount of corruption there is today in Ecuador.

Gustau Alegret

Key takeaways & next steps:

  • Democracy in Ecuador will depend on job creation. Without it, faith in democratic government will continue to erode, opening the door for dictatorship. 
  • Addressing COVID-19, poverty, and the crisis of Venezuelean migration remain paramount.