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André Gudger NLSE Announcement | Mainstage

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next level clear e1635434879626 - André Gudger NLSE Announcement | Mainstage

André Gudger, Chairman & CEO, Eccalon

For too long, sports entertainment has suffered from a lack of diversity in its production and gatekeeping. André Gudger, Chairman & CEO of Eccalon, aims to change that. Gudger announced that Next Level Sports and Entertainment intends to make urban market sports available worldwide.

The COVID-19 pandemic reminded the world about the importance of sports. NLSE, the only pure sports network other than ESPN, aims to highlight young athletes and sports that are not often mainstreamed. Gudger explained that a new platform delivered in partnership with ZINGO television will help deliver programming to 100 million homes worldwide. One important consideration for NSLE, Gudger explained, is for the athletes featured on the network to own their names, images, and content. This issue has recently been contentious for the NCAA and others.

We are very in tune to name, image, and likeness, and we are a network that wants the people we broadcast and whose stories we tell to own their content.

André Gudger

Key takeaways & next steps:

  • There is a huge potential market for under-promoted sports and athletes. Non-mainstream sports, in particular, can find new audiences and in turn inspire young people.