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WHO & the Shifting Role of Multilateral Institutions

Main Stage

Programming Partner: Concordia Action Alliance



  • Kevin Rudd advocated for the creation of a multilateral political economic and security system, as well as a normative system for the world, stating that “ if you look at the scale of today’s global problems, they cannot be solved unilaterally.” 

“Not all problems can be solved with government intervention. Organizations like Concordia are essential,” Kevin Rudd

  • The global business community has a phenomenally important role due to its ability to mobilize global capital and leverage value chains alongside human capital. It is therefore vital that the major companies of the G20 economies deploy not just their wisdom but their capital in the business of global problem solving, in order to deal with the existential problems faced by the planet and the need to invest at quantum levels into renewable energies.
  • While discussing the reform of multilateral institutions, Rudd emphasized the importance of the international community taking a collaborative approach in order to agree on a real program of reform that ensures that institutions are able to deliver value for money and positive outcomes for the world. 

“The wheels of institutional machinery of global governance must start turning to answer questions about climate change, pandemic management, and much more,” Kevin Rudd

  • He advised governments to closely examine the power of the G20 to make the machinery of international and multilateral governments work on key issues such as pandemic management, the global economy, trade investment, politics, and security.

Key takeaways & next steps:

  • Heads of government need to look closely at the G20 to work on climate change, pandemic management, economic development, and humanitarian crises. 
  • The B20 in partnership with the G20 could be a global game changer.


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