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United for Children’s Rights Against Inequality in the COVID-19 Era

Main Stage



  • Reiterating the fact that if we don’t act now, COVID-19 will damage years of progress, Marianna Vardinoyannis urged listeners to help those who are most vulnerable. With the fate of children’s lives in our hands, it is important to act now rather than later in order to assist those who have been hurting long before the emergence of COVID-19.
  •  Technology is the key barrier that lies between effective education in the wake of the global pandemic. Arguing that education and access to technology should be a main priority of the international community, Vardinoyannis was quick to point out that those without access to today’s technology suffer greatly, and risk falling behind.

“Education is the key for the future. Children who lack access to technology must be provided with the necessary tools to continue their education and fulfil their potential. It is our duty to restore hope for future generations,” Marianna Vardinoyannis

Key takeaways & next steps:

  • Motivated to leave no one behind, we must seek to develop more tools and knowledge that progress children’s rights and greater access to technology.


Session Speakers