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Stronger Collaborations For Better Health & Wellbeing

Main Stage

Programming Partner: The Wellbeing Foundation Africa



  • Cooperation is the new competition. If we are to improve health and wellbeing on a global level, opined Toyin Saraki, collaboration between a multitude of actors—from international organizations to private enterprises and local health agencies—remains paramount.
  • Chinny Oguro explained WellSpring Health’s mission, which is to provide comprehensive primary care services across the African continent at locally-affordable price points. Central to the WellSpring model is an emphasis on ensuring that patients’ needs are met where they are at their point of need. The organization aims to offer an extensive suite of services—from pharmacy and diagnostic services to immunization and acute surgical services—in one location. WellSpring Health collaborates with a range of players in the Nigerian healthcare system, including health maintenance organizations, public health centers, federal medical centers, and private health facilities. The organization is also pioneering an integration with Nigeria’s informal providers, which are oftentimes overlooked.

“I’m very pleased to have the might of the members of Concordia, because achieving [our goal of no preventable deaths] will require the collective might of an international body of experts as well as a reinforced groundforce in Nigeria to put it in context and make it real,” Toyin Saraki

Key takeaways & next steps:

  • The Wellbeing Foundation Africa recently embarked on a campaign to increase women’s participation in health leadership in Nigeria. 
  • If we are to realize the Sustainable Development Goals, all actors must strive to create, nurture, and amplify collaborations over the next 10 years.


Session Speakers