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Secretary Brouillette in Conversation

Main Stage



  • Secretary Dan Brouillete communicated the U.S. Department of Energy’s position on various topics ranging from energy subsidies and private sector involvement to China’s energy needs and market winners and losers.
  • In his responses to David Westin’s questions, Brouillette highlighted the Department of Energy’s commitment to pursuing strategy as it pertains to renewable energy, fossil fuels, and nuclear technologies. He reinforced the need for a bottom-up energy philosophy, as well as the vital role that public-private partnerships play in the expansion of global access to commercial energy and overall energy resource investment.

“The private sector has a financial motive and it has a fiduciary responsibility to their investors to produce results in the short term. And, as a result, sometimes we see the private sector becoming even more innovative than we can be here within the government, and we want to encourage that,”  Dan Brouillette


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