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Saray Khumalo on Perseverance




  • Saray Khumalo reflected on her time climbing Mt. Everest, as the first Black African woman to reach the summit. After questioning her purpose in this world, Khumalo quit her job and began a life dedicated to service. A long-time advocate of perseverance and education, Khumalo dedicated her time to climbing peaks in efforts of raising money for education. Reflecting on her decision to climb Mt. Everest, Khumalo was eager to make a difference in the lives that needed her most. Learning more and more each year, Khumalo learned to accept things you cannot change and seek to fix those that could be changed. 
  • Strongly believing in a life of service and education, malaria research proved to be a focus point for Khumalo. Knowing her legacy will play a small part in eradicating malaria, Khumalo explained her eagerness to do her part.
  • Chris Curtin highlighted the efforts of Khumalo and the inspiration she radiates, knowing that her story is still being written.

“I am using climbing to make a difference. We need to accept the things we cannot change and focus on the things we can change and move forward with what we have,” Saray Khumalo

Key takeaways & next steps:

  • Education and representation are crucial when it comes to inspiring future generations.


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