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Innovator Health Spotlight

Main Stage

Programming Partner: Concordia Action Alliance



  • COVID-19 has exposed weaknesses and gaps, showing ways in which we can do better. With technology ventures to grow potential, David Sanders remarked on Innovate Arkansas’ support of innovator health, and of closing gaps between rural and urban areas. 
  • With telemedicine existing for a while, there has been a step forward in improving its quality and impact. Personal connection is no longer taken for granted in the wake of COVID-19, which is why Innovate Arkansas understands the importance of human connectivity. 
  • As explained by Sanders, Innovate Arkansas is closing healthcare gaps, with the idea to take care of patients, limit exposure, and monitor PPE.

“Personal connection is core to our humanity,” David Sanders

Key takeaways & next steps:

  • With greater access to technology and tools, there is hope that more people will have the ability to receive quality healthcare.


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