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Barbara Humpton In Conversation

Main Stage



  • Barbara Humpton expanded upon the lessons that she has learned over recent months due to the coronavirus outbreak. From changes in organizational structure and communication to discovering novel productivity strategies, Humpton discussed the shift in workstyle at Siemens from physical to virtual, the tools that have aided in this transformation, and what she believes may change permanently going forward. 
  • Acknowledging the need for human interaction while championing the benefits of primarily virtual work, Humpton shared the reasons behind her optimism for the future of supply chains and collaboration in the workplace. 
  • Humpton concluded with an explanation of her positive outlook on the impact of cleaner technologies around the world and how they will make a resounding difference in the realms of health and sustainability in the years to come.

“The most positive thing I’ve seen come out of this pandemic is the growing awareness that one of the most powerful characteristics of leaders today is empathy,” Barbara Humpton


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