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Research for Impact: Driving Collaboration


Dr. Julio Frenk – President, University of Miami; Leadership Council Member, Concordia

Key takeaways & next steps:

  • Technology makes the world smaller and, arguably, more dangerous, highlighting the need for collaboration.
  • The University of Miami’s Climate Resilience Academy is a model for interdisciplinary, problem-based inquiry, aiming to educate the next generation and deliver solutions to climate change impacts in partnership with industry, government, and other stakeholders.
  • Collaboration is essential for progress on climate and other major challenges facing humanity.
  • The University of Miami’s core product is knowledge, engaging in a full circle of knowledge: creation (research), recreation (education), translation (technology), and application (services like healthcare).
  • The application of knowledge transforms the world, and collaboration and partnerships are essential at every step of this process.

“Since its founding, almost 100 years ago, the University of Miami has always been a place of convergence for thinkers and doers from around the Americas.”

Dr. Julio Frenk, President, University of Miami; Leadership Council member, Concordia