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Opening Remarks to Climate Week Miami

with principal programming partner

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Sebastián Navarro – Secretary General, CC35
Oscar Schaps – Division President, Latin America, StoneX

Key takeaways & next steps:

  • Green banks will sculpt an environmentally-friendly future by funding sustainable projects, while communicating and taking a bigger step towards climate resilience and adaptation.
  • Recent sustainability initiatives present an opportunity for the U.S. to form a productive, strategic alliance with Latin America and the Caribbean. Notably, the first private climate bank in America was founded in Florida, establishing the region as a potential epicenter for climate action and further opportunities.
  • Effective climate strategies must transcend national borders in order to sufficiently impact and mitigate climate risks following global warming and the challenges regions will come to face.

“Gaylord Nelson, the former United States senator and creator of Earth Day, said back in 1970 that the economy is a subsidiary of the environment, and not the other way around.”

Sebastian Navarro, Secretary General, CC35

“It is our greatest intention to participate in the green refinancing of sovereign debts of Latin American countries.”

Oscar Schaps, Division President, Latin America, StoneX