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Americas Partnership for Economic Prosperity: Closing the Gap in Latin America and the Caribbean


T.H. Christopher Dodd – Special Presidential Advisor for the Americas, U.S. Department of State
Caroline Scullin – Vice Chair, Board of Directors, Concordia

Key takeaways & next steps:

  • Latin America and the Caribbean’s problems are consistently overlooked in the global arena. The Americas Partnership was created to combat this problem while ensuring a legitimate, true alliance that would not be solely run by the U.S.
  • In order for the Americas Partnership for Economic Prosperity to succeed, it is crucial to incorporate the three tracks among countries: foreign policy, trade, and financing. Only the countries that are included in the partnership themselves are able to decide what requirements must be met for membership.
  • The U.S. has already pledged USD 3 billion to be allocated for infrastructure programs in these countries and has begun training people who are interested in entering the technology, energy, and health fields. Recently, the countries involved voted unanimously to move forward with a USD 3.5 billion installment over the next seven years to move the partnership forward.
  • Despite the commonality of culture and language within Latin American countries, there is a stronger need for collaboration and communication between states.

“The issue is that not one nation can solve any of its problems alone. If we don’t quickly realize that there has to be some sense of partnership in these matters, we won’t have any hope at all of dealing with larger questions. There’s a permanent organization in Singapore that has 50 employees on a daily basis working all the time on how they can encourage private sector investment in Asia-Pacific countries – we ought to try something like that with the America’s Partnership.”

T.H. Christopher Dodd, Special Presidential Advisor for the Americas, U.S. Department of State

“What we need to do is create a communications campaign and continue to speak about the Americas Partnership and its momentum going forward.”

Caroline Scullin, Vice Chair, Board of Directors, Concordia