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2024 Concordia Americas Summit

APRIL 22-23, 2024

UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI  |  Miami, Florida

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Hosted with the University of Miami, Principal Programming Partner

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Now in its eighth year, the 2024 Concordia Americas Summit will provide the leading nonpartisan, public-private sector forum on the Western Hemisphere, bringing to the forefront the abundance of opportunities to embrace market-led solutions that have the potential to transform the region and advance opportunity. 

The 2024 Americas Summit will elevate the region in a global context, creating opportunities that take advantage of its untapped potential, with a focus on two core themes: 1) Driving Sustainable & Inclusive Growth – to include poverty, healthcare, education, youth, future of work, migration, environment, and energy transformation; and, 2) Strengthening Democracy & the Economy – to include strengthening local democracies, rethinking social contracts, and the role of the private sector in local economies. Conversations will promote the discussion, definition, and implementation of impactful market-led transformations.

Solidifying its position as the region’s essential gathering, the 2024 Americas Summit will create the optimal platform to connect business executives with government leaders across Latin America, the Caribbean, Canada, and the United States—both those currently working in the region and those considering involvement. 

If you’re interested in attending or learning more about organizational engagement opportunities, please email .

Programming Themes

Strengthening Democracy & the Economy

To strengthen democracy and the economy across the Western Hemisphere, all sectors need to work together. Economic development is intertwined with an engaged private sector providing jobs, driving innovation, investing in local initiatives, and collaborating with governments to create a virtuous cycle of economic growth and social wellbeing. The changing political landscape in the region presents opportunities and challenges, placing at the forefront issues like near-shoring, the future of foreign direct investment, and the role of the private sector in safeguarding democracy. Strengthening relationships between nations of the Western Hemisphere, especially with the U.S., is critical for the region’s socio-economic future. By promoting local democracies, rethinking social contracts, and harnessing the potential of the private sector, societies can create a path towards a more prosperous, inclusive, and sustainable future.

Driving Sustainable & Inclusive Growth

Driving sustainable and inclusive growth needs innovative solutions to a large array of pressing social challenges. From addressing issues like poverty, healthcare disparities, and educational inequities, to embracing environmentally-responsible and scalable practices while aiming for a sustainable energy transformation, there is a pressing need for the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to collaborate and ensure that no one is left behind in the pursuit of progress. Empowering youth, addressing the needs of migrants, creating economic mobility pathways, and creating a dynamic workforce is crucial to achieving economic and cultural enrichment. By creating an agenda to tackle these issues, societies can follow a path that is not only economically robust but also socially and environmentally inclusive to create a better future for generations to come.

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