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2024 Concordia Americas Summit

APRIL 2024

UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI  |  Miami, Florida

Hosted with the University of Miami, Principal Programming Partner

Now in its eighth year, the 2024 Concordia Americas Summit will provide the leading nonpartisan, public-private sector forum on the Western Hemisphere, bringing to the forefront the abundance of opportunities to embrace market-led solutions that have the potential to transform the region and advance opportunity.

Solidifying its position as the region’s essential gathering, the 2024 Americas Summit will create the optimal platform to connect business executives with government leaders across Latin America, the Caribbean, Canada, and the United States—both those currently working in the region and those considering involvement.  

Creating a hub of shared knowledge, innovation, and discourse, the Summit will identify long-term cross-sector strategies that address declining institutional trust and strengthen democratic resilience. In addition, participants will establish market-led solutions designed to bolster trade relations, strengthen economic ties, and improve environmental sustainability, healthcare, and security. 

To learn more, visit concordia.net/americas or email partnerships@concordia.net.

Programming Themes

Democracy, Security & Economic Growth

Across the Western Hemisphere, the strength of democratic institutions is increasingly being threatened by socioeconomic inequalities, violence, and emerging leaderships. Lack of social and financial inclusion can lead to exclusion from the democratic process, which can in turn hinder economic security, prompting mass migration in the region. The private sector can play a critical role in strengthening democratic institutions by promoting inclusive economic growth and financial inclusion. By investing in initiatives that promote economic security and democratic participation, the private sector can help to address some of the root causes of social and political unrest, thereby contributing to more stable and safe societies. How can cross-sector collaboration bring together divided countries to navigate today’s geopolitical threats? What role will emerging technologies play in shaping the future of national security, and how can they be governed? What efforts can be made to find a middle ground to bridge the political divide affecting the Americas?

Environmental Sustainability

With the Western Hemisphere’s rich natural resources and fragile ecosystems, urgent action to drive environmental sustainability and create market-led solutions is of paramount importance. For governments, it requires rebuilding and strengthening trust in institutions. For businesses, it requires innovative advancements in renewable energy, smart grids, and circular economy models; by investing in these technologies, businesses can not only mitigate risks but also unlock new opportunities for growth. What opportunities exist for businesses in embracing environmental and social responsibility? How can we ensure those suffering the most from the impacts of climate change are not left behind when investing in green solutions?

Health Challenges & Opportunities

Recent years have redirected unprecedented attention on the need to achieve more resilient healthcare systems, with a renewed focus on long-standing disparities in healthcare around the world along lines of gender, ethnicity, poverty, and the Global North/South Divide. Technology plays a critical role in building health system resilience and addressing global health challenges, in terms of improving access to healthcare, facilitating data-driven decision making, and supporting mental health interventions. How do we facilitate innovation to prevent the next pandemic being one of mental health? How can we improve global partnerships for pandemic preparedness? How can we use these lessons to redesign stronger, more efficient health systems that give all people access to the quality health services they need?