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Thought-Action-Change: A New Approach for a Cross-Cultural Impact on Climate Change


Adam Met, Musician & Executive Director, Planet Reimagined

Key takeaways & next steps:

  • There is benefit in combining expertise from cutting-edge research and policy experts with the creativity of communications experts in order to produce effective and viral advocacy for measurable change.
  • The effects of utilizing individual platforms compound to unite professionals from a range of backgrounds—with a variety of experiences and expertise—and therefore maximize advocacy.
  • Utilizing creative methods of advocacy can include concrete policy proposals. For example, Planet Reimagined has garnered the support of members from both chambers of U.S. legislature to locate renewable energy production on public land already set aside for oil and gas.

“Individual action is using the platform that you have in order to get other people to mobilize and use their platforms for concrete action.”

Adam Met, Musician & Executive Director, Planet Reimagined