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Remarks: U.S. Senator Rick Scott


Hon. Rick Scott, Senator, U.S. Senate

Key takeaways & next steps:

  • When looking into the future, attention must be given to building a better relationship between the U.S. and Latin America, with a focus on enhancing opportunities for democracy and trade in Latin America. 
  • Stressing the importance of trade includes promoting free markets and capitalism to allow the people of Latin America to thrive independently. 
  • Pushing for democracy across Latin America requires denouncing communist regimes in Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua. Senators Marco Rubio, Tim Scott, Tommy Tupperville, and Roger Marshall have joined Rick Scott in supporting the DEMOCRACIA Act, which attempts to hold illegitimate communist regimes accountable through sanctions and unprecedented financial pressures.

“The time for strength in the fight for freedom of Cuba and the rest of Latin America is now, but this fight doesn’t just fall on the president—we all have to be willing to do this.”

Hon. Rick Scott, Senator, U.S. Senate