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Miami-Dade: The Gateway to Latin America and the Caribbean


Jackie Nespral, News Anchor, NBC Universal 
Hon. Daniella Levine Cava, Mayor, Miami-Dade County

Key takeaways & next steps:

  • It’s crucial to double down on the already-strong cultural and economic relationship between Miami and Latin America and the Caribbean. Not only does Miami function as a gateway to these regions, but it serves as a springboard for Europe, Africa, and Asia to gain access to these markets. The goal for Miami is to express a deep commitment to the economic success of these regions through extensive trade ties, while also welcoming those who are fleeing political and financial oppression.
  • Miami is “open for business”. Collaboration with national government bodies such as the Consular Corps, the White House, and the State Department is key to ensuring active engagement with the international community on security and humanitarian issues. 
  • Latin America and the Caribbean are bracing for some of the worst impacts of a warming climate. The Mayor is committed to finding innovative solutions at home as well as sustained international engagement and assistance abroad. 
  • Key solutions proposed included county-supported schemes such as the Miami-Dade Innovation Authority to ensure a fruitful collaboration between the private and public sector; utilizing private sector funding along with county seed money to procure to scale promising market-based solutions. Thinking internationally, the Mayor reflected the intent to continue to welcome climate refugees; as well as ensure through education and public forums a private sector emphasis on sustainability.

“It is incumbent upon us to “dar la bienvenida” to reflect that we are open for business. We also welcome with open arms those that are fleeing the financial and political desperation.”

Hon. Daniella Levine Cava, Mayor, Miami-Dade County

“A leader [is someone] that truly understands the culture of the area and, as I mentioned, not only talks the talk but walks the walk.”


Jackie Nespral, News Anchor, NBC Universal