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Keynote Address from H.E. Alejandro Giammattei, President of the Republic of Guatemala (via video)


H.E. Alejandro Giammattei, President, Republic of Guatemala

Key takeaways & next steps:

  • Guatemala’s replicable success in achieving relative stability in its macroeconomic environment—coupled with a reputable taxation system—has allowed the country to upgrade its credit rating to a level much more attractive to foreign investment. Efforts to install free-trade arrangements and to minimize risk in the production of raw materials has made Guatemala an attractive investment destination.
  • The public sector across the Latin American region should work to standardize and enforce harsher punishments for the trafficking of migrants. 
  • A rigorous and well-articulated law enforcement strategy to crack down on drug trafficking is essential to reduce the pressure of this trade in neighboring countries such as Mexico and the U.S., which is often the destination for this trade.

“An economic transformation in Guatemala will position the country as the jaguar of the Americas.”

H.E. Alejandro Giammattei, President, Republic of Guatemala