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2024 Concordia Amazonas Summit

july 9-13, 2024



Convening in Guyana, the second iteration of the Concordia Amazonas Initiative will cultivate a community of leaders from across sectors and industries committed to shaping the future of the Amazon rainforest. With a particular focus on two core themes—Environmental Sustainability and Financial Inclusion—the 2024 Amazonas Summit will identify nature-driven market-led solutions that prevent irreversible damage to our planet. Taking place over an enriching four days, this high-level strategic convening will celebrate the natural diversity and importance of the Amazon and forge public-private partnerships that protect and renew the ecosystem. The establishment of issue-specific working groups will ensure an action-oriented approach that prioritizes the execution of solutions.

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Concordia has partnered with the Fund for Nature, an investment vehicle that provides up-front finance for nature-based carbon projects in emerging and frontier markets. The partnership will expand access to capital for high-integrity carbon projects in the Amazon biome. The Fund for Nature is an investment vehicle of CrossBoundary Group, a Concordia Global Patron Member. Learn more.

Please note, capacity is limited and participation is determined on a case-by-case, first-come first-serve basis.

If you’re interested in attending or learning more about organizational engagement opportunities, please email partnerships@concordia.net.


Programming Themes


Conversations on environmental sustainability will convene public and private sector experts to discuss the creation of innovative, scalable market-driven and nature-based solutions to catalyze and direct capital to benefit the Amazon region across communities, while exploring ways to make it sustainable to preserve the environment. 

Subtopics include: 
      • Mobilizing climate finance
      • Regenerative agriculture
      • Reforestation
      • The role of the energy industry
      • Water conservation


An increased focus on financial inclusion in the Amazon is breaking down barriers to economic opportunities for local communities, enabling access to banking services and credit, and fostering development in this ecologically-diverse region. This can foster a harmonious balance between economic progress and environmental conservation in the Amazon’s invaluable ecosystems.

Subtopics include:
  • Economic mobility
  • Green financing
  • Indigenous entrepreneurship