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New Investment Announcement: Prosper Africa


Programming Sponsor: USAID


  • The Trump administration created the Prosper Africa initiative to significantly increase two-way trade and investment between the U.S. and Africa. Prosper Africa has brought together the services of 17 participating U.S. government agencies to help U.S. and African companies conduct business. 
  • Since Prosper Africa launched in June 2019, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has helped African and U.S. firms close on more than $1.5 billion in new exports and investments. USAID has also built an active Prosper Africa deal pipeline worth more than $10 billion; according to John Barsa, the agency expects a close on more than $1 billion of that pipeline over the next six to nine months. 

“Africa plays an increasingly important role in the global economy. It has some of the world’s fastest-growing countries in terms of GDP, and a young and rapidly-urbanizing population,” John Barsa

  • Under Prosper Africa, USAID recently helped over a dozen local Kenyan pension funds form the Kenyan Pension Fund Investment Consortium. Over the next five years, the consortium plans to invest over $200 million in Kenyan infrastructure projects, expanding access to critical infrastructure for millions of Kenyans and decreasing Kenya’s reliance on Chinese debt. 
  • USAID is providing first-loss capital to Stitching Cordaid with $14.75 million loan guarantees from the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC). Cordaid will use this financing to support small and medium-sized enterprises that are creating opportunities for prosperity in West Africa.

“Through Prosper Africa we will continue to help businesses and investors connect to new partners, advance new opportunities, and close deals, thus creating jobs, growth, and shared prosperity for both the American people and our African partners,” John Barsa

Key takeaways & next steps:

  • Barsa announced the launch of a brand-new continent-wide initiative: the Prosper Africa Trade & Investment Program. With up to $500 million in funding over five years, the initiative will offer a wide range of services, from deal facilitation support and business-to-business matchmaking to targeted policy reform aimed at creating healthy business climates across the continent. For every $1 in public funding, the Prosper Africa Trade & Investment Program is expected to leverage more than $9 in private investment, delivering billions of dollars in exports and investments and yielding hundreds of thousands of African and American jobs by 2026. USAID will soon release a request for proposals.


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