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Keynote Remarks: Prime Minister Édouard Ngirente



  • The COVID-19 pandemic came at a time during which Rwanda had been sustaining astronomical growth rates. In 2019, the country’s GDP increased by 9.4%, making Rwanda one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, Prime Minister Édouard Ngirente projected confidence that the Rwandan economy will see a steady recovery. 
  • Rwanda is pursuing a recovery strategy constructed around three key pillars: economic resilience, partnership, and innovation. With respect to economic resilience, the country primarily aims to attract more investment into its manufacturing sector; COVID-induced border and global supply chain disruptions have pushed Rwanda to vastly develop its domestic manufacturing capacity. With respect to partnerships, Rwanda has leveraged its partnerships with its allies, with international institutions, and with key private sector actors to fight the pandemic and construct a path toward sustainable recovery. Finally, with respect to innovation, the pandemic has catalyzed Rwanda’s efforts to position itself as a leading technology and innovation hub on the African continent. The country has seen a rapid increase in the use of cutting-edge technologies, including robotics, drone technology, and digital health.

“What we have learned from this crisis is that for countries like Rwanda it is important to structure the recovery agenda around three pillars: resilience, partnership, and innovation,” Édouard Ngirente


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