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Concordia Action Alliance Membership

Join the Action Alliance

  • Membership is available on an organizational, not individual, basis as the goal of this work is to align efforts across large organizations. Individuals outside of member organizations may participate as speakers in affiliated programming.
  • Membership is available only to Concordia Patron Members (Regional and Global). Any new organizations that wish to get involved in the Alliance must become a Concordia Member.
  • Each member can designate up to 3 points of contact for the Alliance, one of which must be a member of the executive leadership team who will be made available for high-level programmatic opportunities.
  • Participation in quarterly Alliance meetings by at least one representative from each member organization is expected.
  • Each member organization is expected to fill out the initial member profile, as well as submit partnership summary forms for any current partnership/impact initiatives related to the work of the Alliance and those derived or inspired from the Alliance, in a timely fashion.


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