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Concordia Action Alliance

Called to action by the COVID-19 pandemic and the critical role of partnerships in ensuring an equitable, swift, and coordinated international response, Concordia has launched a dedicated programming and member engagement track to support partnerships addressing natural disaster and pandemic preparedness, response, recovery, and resiliency on a year-round basis.

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Concordia Action Alliance Fund

To achieve the Convene-Connect-Create goals of the Alliance, Concordia is launching an Action Alliance Fund designed to spur innovation and collaboration through catalytic capital. The goal of the Fund is to financially support the development and scale of intra-Alliance cross-sector partnerships in the disaster and pandemic space.


  •  Create a space for open dialogue and ongoing alignment amongst leading companies, nonprofits, and governmental agencies
  • Bridge the public and private sectors to better understand how to leverage the resources and skills of both sectors, while also incorporating the insight of the nonprofit sector, in preparation for and in times of crisis
  • Ensure diverse perspectives are included in these critical conversations to drive solutions that help those most in need


  • Facilitate direct connections between various stakeholders
  • Engage new and unlikely actors in the pandemic and disaster response field from the private sector to unlock new funding and economic resiliency resources and allies
  • Highlight daring and successful partnerships with the wider Concordia and global community


  • Identify and share partnering best practices in high-risk, volatile times that require immediate action
  • Develop a call to action platform where organizations can share immediate and long-term needs and ideas
  • Manage a Fund that will directly support collaboration and innovation, as well as track the formation of partnerships from Alliance members

High-level platform to share and amplify insights

Expertly-curated discussions to inform action and foster collaboration

Collective insight to support introductions and partner matching

Advisory support on partnership structure

Research and networks to scale ideas and impact

Partnership oversight and transparent reporting pertaining Funds

Join the Alliance:

Membership is available on an organizational, not individual, basis as the goal of this work is to align efforts across large organizations. Individuals outside of member organizations may participate as speakers in affiliated programming.

Membership is available only to Concordia Patron Members (Regional and Global). Any new organizations that wish to get involved in the Alliance must become a Concordia Member.

Each member can designate up to 3 points of contact for the Alliance, one of which must be a member of the executive leadership team who will be made available for high-level programmatic opportunities.

Participation in quarterly Alliance meetings by at least one representative from each member organization is expected.

Each member organization is expected to fill out the initial member profile, as well as submit partnership summary forms for any current partnership/impact initiatives related to the work of the Alliance and those derived or inspired from the Alliance, in a timely fashion.

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