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Aligned closely with the Campaigns Series, Concordia’s research uncovers best practices and trends in the partnering space with the aim of providing governments, businesses, and nonprofits with the knowledge and tools necessary to engage effectively in innovative partnerships for social impact. Concordia’s research is conducted in partnership with leading global think tanks, research institutions, and socially conscious private corporations and address a broad range of issues.

Concordia Partnership Index

The Concordia Partnership Index (the Index) was developed as a tool for public, private, and nonprofit organizations to identify opportunities to form strategic partnerships and pool resources for the implementation of innovative ideas. The Index ranks countries based on their readiness and need to engage in public-private partnerships (P3s). The inclusion of the need indicators sets the Index apart from other indices that measure P3 environments. While the success of a P3 depends on a country’s political and market structures, the Index recognizes that for a P3 to be truly impactful it must address a large-scale need.

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CONCORDIA research fellowship program 

The recently launched Concordia Research Fellowship Program is designed to advance the academic study, documentation, and rigorous evaluation of P3s in order to increase understanding of their design, costs, challenges, impact, and best practices. Fellows are required to produce research papers, case studies, white papers, or toolkits that equip stakeholders to better engage and implement successful P3s. Research outputs are presented at Concordia’s events and other relevant platforms to help shape policy dialogue and decisions on P3 engagement.

For more information, please contact Cheryl He, Research Manager, at che@concordia.net.

P3 Insights

P3 Insights are P3 and country case studies that provide more focused analyses of partnership opportunities. P3 case studies examine specific P3s to better understand the mechanics behind successful collaboration. Country case studies focus on issues within specific countries to identify where partnerships will have the greatest impact. The use of qualitative, primary data provide context to the Index rankings. The P3 Insights highlight contributing factors that often cannot be quantified, and in doing so, provide information not only on what issues need to be addressed, but also how they can be addressed.

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