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How Elpida Home became a P3 success story and refugee safe haven in Greece

From an abandoned factory building to a place of refuge, Elpida Home in Thessaloniki, Greece, is truly an inspiring story of how public-private partnership (P3) initiatives are making significant positive social impact on the lives of refugees. Read More

Labor Rights are Human Rights

Concordia celebrates International Human RIghts Day by calling upon Thailand to protect human rights workers.Read More

Roundtable Summary: Military Partnerships for International Security

On Tuesday, November 29th, 2016, Concordia had the pleasure of hosting Ms. Heidi Grant, Deputy Under Secretary of the U.S. Air Force, International Affairs for a Roundtable discussion at The Cornell Club in New York City. Read More

Global Threats Demand Global Partnerships

Global Threats Demand Global Partnerships By Heidi Grant, Deputy Under Secretary of the US Air Force, International Affairs When I stepped into this job six years ago, the world was a different place. The US was in the midst of the Global War on Terror. We were in our ninth year of combat operations in… Read More

Concordia Chooses Athens for first European summit

Concordia Co-Founders, Nicholas Logothetis and Matthew Swift, have announced Concordia Europe, a Summit that will highlight the potential for effective collaboration between businesses, governments, and nonprofits in addressing the region’s greatest challenges. Read More

This unique tool evaluating partnership opportunities can help achieve the SDGs

P-Cubed: Elevating the Power of Partnerships

This new blogpost explains how Concordia's Partnership Index can be used by governments, businesses, and nonprofits to implement the Sustainable Development Goals. Read More

How Partnerships Can Turn Food Loss Into Gain

P-Cubed: Elevating the Power of Partnerships

This blogpost for Concordia's series "P-Cubed: Elevating the Power of Partnerships" explores how public-private partnerships can address food waste and food insecurity. Read More

Meet Project Nurture: Winner of the 2016 #P3Impact Award

P-Cubed: Elevating the Power of Partnerships

A summary of a Twitter Chat with Project Nurture, winner of the 2016 #P3Impact Award, introduces their work and highlights their social impact. Read More

Recognizing Economic Opportunity In Humanitarian Relief

Commentary from Concordia

This op-ed by Rick Leach explores innovative approaches to humanitarian relief that include the private sector. Read More

Who’s #TweetTalking about Tunisia and Democracy?

P-Cubed: Elevating the Power of Partnerships

Summary of a TweetTalk hosted by Concordia and the National Democratic Institute leading up to the 2016 Concordia Summit. Read More

Emphasizing Cybersecurity in an Increasingly Interconnected World

P-Cubed: Elevating the Power of Partnerships

This blogpost explores the issue of cybersecurity, which will be discussed at the 2016 Concordia SummitRead More