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As part of Concordia’s Campaign for a Sustainable Global Food Supply, we are producing an eight-part multimedia project in partnership with Legend Productions that features public-private partnerships that are working to address today’s global food sustainability challenge.

This first installment of our mini-documentary series features two family-operated, organic farms in the United States that supply cattle and poultry to Fleishers Craft Butchery and Perdue Farms. Farmer Phil Hodgins, a first generation farmer who works in New York’s financial industry in his “spare” time, and Richard Swartzentruber, a fourth generation farmer in Delaware, both shared amazing insights into what farming in America looks like today. This video highlights issues related to animal welfare, sustainable farming challenges, and the impact public-private partnerships can create, as told through their experiences. 

Both farms recognized challenges faced by smallholder farmers, particularly related to distribution and market access. Building upon these concepts, our second mini-documentary will analyze how partnerships can bridge the gap between food access and food security across the country. To be released May 23, the second episode will feature Winrock International’s Wallace Center as well as FRESHFARM Markets.