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P3 Insights

P3 Insights provide more focused analyses of the partnership opportunities in targeted countries.  The use of qualitative, primary data provide context to the Concordia Index rankings. The P3 Insights highlight contributing factors that often cannot be quantified, and in doing so, provide information not only on what issues need to be addressed, but also how they can be addressed. Therefore, P3 Insights are valuable resources for stakeholders looking to identify where partnerships will have the greatest impact.

Haiti: Modernization Through P3

This case study explores the partial divestiture of Teleco, a state-owned telecommunications company in Haiti. The resulting public-private partnership between the Haitian government and Viettel, a Vietnamese telecommunication company, is analyzed to tease out best practices that can be used to inform P3s across sectors.


Vietnam: A Portrait of Youth

This report explores youth unemployment and entrepreneurship in Vietnam. Using interviews conducted with youth and youth development experts, the report seeks to identify contributing factors of unemployment and make suggestions on how to best address the issue.


Colombia: Reaching Across Sectors

Based on in-depth interviews with government leaders, business executives, and entrepreneurs, this report examines employment barriers for young Colombians and how the private sector can work with the government and NGOs to improve the labor outlook.


Egypt: A Portrait of Youth

Using responses from a survey of Egypt’s youth, the report identifies structural and cultural contributors to youth unemployment and evaluates entrepreneurship as an employment strategy. The report offers recommendations for ways in which P3s can remove obstacles to entrepreneurship and youth employment more generally.