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The 2017 Concordia Annual Summit


The 2017 Concordia Annual Summit will be held on September 18th and 19th at the Grand Hyatt New York. As the preeminent nonpartisan forum taking place alongside the U.N. General Assembly, Concordia convenes over 2,000 top influencers and decision makers through action-oriented programming that aims to build partnerships for social impact.

At this year’s Summit, our programming will reflect the major issues impacting the U.S. and the global community at large, including the mounting refugee crisis, the rise of populism, investment in sustainable infrastructure, and the evolution of domestic health policy, among many others. Alongside prominent heads of state, U.S. administration officials, Fortune 500 CEOs, nonprofit leaders from around the world, and our esteemed Leadership Council, Concordia aims to give a voice to marginalized populations, socially-minded innovators, and determined individuals who are creating solutions to these issues for greater social impact.



Agenda and speaker announcements are forthcoming.


Invisible Wounds of War: Partnerships to Support Veterans’ Mental Health

Refugee Integration: Local Practice Shaping National Policy

Friendship & Friction: The Future of Transatlantic Relations

Building Bridges: New Diplomacy in the Age of Technology

Global Philanthropy: Maximizing Impact & Measuring Outcomes

Response & Recovery: Sustaining Health Services in Insecure Settings

Unelected, but Official: The Influence & Leadership of Global First Ladies

Wild Cards in the World Order: International Security in the 21st Century

Bridging the Gap: Cross-Sector Collaboration for Skills Development

Campaign for a Sustainable Global Food Supply

Campaign Against Labor Trafficking: CEOs Rise to the Challenge

Cross-Sector Leadership: The Business of Politics

The Business of Sustainability: Responsible Investment in 21st Century Energy

Glass Ceilings & Sticky Floors: Combating Barriers to Entry for Women in Public Office

Toward a New Trust: Serving Public Interests through Transparency and Integrity

Financial Digitization: Harnessing Capitalism to Reduce Economic Inequality

Democracy in West Africa: What Lies Ahead?

Securing Emerging Economies: Cybersecurity & Development in the Digital Age


Sustainable Infrastructure: Financing and Supporting Service Delivery in Africa

Lessons from the Troubles: Strategic Post-Conflict Investment from Colombia to Cyprus

Shortage & Scarcity: Humanitarian Crisis in Venezuela

Disruptive Technology: The Future of the Workforce

Risk & Reward: Innovative Financing Solutions to Achieve the SDGs

Building Partnerships: Strengthening the Transatlantic Relationship

Food Policy and Our Future

Turning the Tide: Harnessing Partnerships Against Modern Day Slavery

The Practicalities of Partnership-Building: Best Practices from P3 Impact Award Finalists


on Migration and Refugee Policy and Practice

The Global Mayors Summit will focus on how cities can, and are, implementing policies that promote migrant and refugee integration, rights protections, and civic engagement. In addition to a cities’ exchange, the Global Mayors Summit will also provide an opportunity for cities to express common values and objectives in this field, and to share city efforts with national and international counterparts. The program at the Concordia Annual Summit will be a learning exchange focused on ways to address the policy challenges facing cities, including through public-private partnerships.



City Innovations to Promote Integration, Protection, and Engagement

Legislative Opportunities and Impediments

Working Through City Networks

Engaging with the Private Sector, CSOs, and the Public



Our plenary stage has featured the foremost thought-leaders on public-private partnerships in business, government, and the nonprofit sector. From topic-driven panel discussions and exclusive interviews with policy influencers to exclusive partnership announcements and inspirational addresses by world leaders, the Summit’s featured plenary sessions offer attendees valuable insight into the world’s most pressing issues.

*Members, Sponsors, and Programming Partners will receive preferred seating



Strategic Dialogues feature 30-40 select individuals, including current and former heads of state, Chairs, and CEOs of leading corporations and multi-lateral organizations, who discuss particularly pressing global problems in-depth. These curated, interactive discussions, where everyone around the table is encouraged to participate, will serve as high-level working groups. The aim of these discussions is to produce deliverables such as policy recommendations, collections of challenge opportunities, and repositories of best practices.

*Open only to Members, Sponsors, Programming Partners, and Speakers



Roundtable presentations allow for extended discussion among a small group of 15-20 experts and practitioners on a specific topic in industry, public policy, or of regional concern. These roundtable conversations allow for more granular, deep-dive discussions that may result in a more analytical framework for assessing large-scale global problems. These sessions are typically curated by Programming Partners and attended by members of the Concordia community.

*Open only to Members, Sponsors, Programming Partners, and Speakers



Office Hours is a series of exclusive, closed-door meetings that allow Concordia Members to engage on a more intimate level with Members of the Leadership Council, former world leaders, and select Summit speakers. These private conversations offer a unique opportunity for members to receive insight from top thought-leaders working to promote public-private partnerships today.

*Open only to Members, Sponsors, Programming Partners, and Speakers



Concordia hosts various working groups of about 50-70 people during the Summit lunch period. These practitioner-level groups meet to discuss a focused topic and aim to leave the meeting with both practitioner and policy-level recommendations to catalyze progress on the issue.

*Open only to Members, Sponsors, Programming Partners, and Speakers



As part of the event space, private meeting rooms are available to select members of the Concordia community to host high-level conversations with Summit attendees as well as non-Summit attendees who may be in the NYC area for the U.N. General Assembly.

*Open only to Members, Sponsors, Programming Partners, and Speakers



Benefits include extensive branding exposure and increased visibility through the live webcast. Additionally, sponsors are granted access to the Members Lounge, exclusive roundtable discussions, private meetings, and Office Hours.



Concordia Members are leading experts at the intersection of the public, private, and nonprofit arenas. Through Concordia, individual and organizational Members alike have a platform to pursue their areas of interest. Members join to stay informed on the latest P3 developments, connect with an immense network of global leaders, and find opportunities for creating partnerships that align with their expertise.

Each year, Concordia brings together hundreds of public, private, and nonprofit leaders by organizing various regional events, private meetings, briefings, and its annual Summit. Concordia Members are afforded unique opportunities such as Office Hours, an exclusive conversation with a Leadership Council member or select speaker to receive insight from today’s top thought leaders.



Non-Members have the opportunity purchase a ticket for a limited Annual Summit experience for one day at $300 or both days at $500. A one or two-day ticket provides access to plenary sessions and the P3 Lounge for the duration of the event.



Concordia partners with leading think tanks, innovative government bureaus, and international nonprofit institutions to develop its action-oriented year-round programming. Through a collaborative and iterative process, Concordia and its Programming Partners curate topical content and develop event objectives around timely global challenges.

For more information on these engagement opportunities, please contact Concordia’s Senior Director of Strategic Engagement, María Paula Correa at mcorrea@concordia.net or 1 (646) 568-1248.


For press inquiries and interview requests, please contact media@concordia.net